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Hints and Tips

Here are a few simple hints and tips to see you on your way. Feel free to contribute through the contact form.



Setting ISO For Good Quality Images

In order to get the best quality pictures ISO is one the of key settings. On many cameras this could be set to 'auto' so not giving you the best possible results if your camera chooses a setting that is too high. When taking a picture in good daylight try setting the ISO smallest number your camera will allow. The bigger the number the 'grainier' your pictures will be so keeping this number low in good light will enhance the final results.

In the days of '35mm' shooting a good rule of thumb was 100 ISO outside, 200 ISO inside. I still use that rule of thumb today .. most of the time .. but the rest is another story.




Breathe Easy For That Steady Low-light Shot

It's no secret that you should keep your camera as still as possible when taking pictures, especially low light. The best way to do this is to keep your elbows in and breathe out before taking the shot. If possible lean against a wall or lamppost or even better, put your camera on a solid base and use the timer function



If It's Too Bright Behind The Subject Consider Using Your Flash!

How often is it that you go to take a picture only to find the main subject in silhouette because the camera has locked on to a very bright background behind and adjusted the settings to correctly expose the background? 

There are a couple of ways around this - the easiest, provided the subject is within 10 feet or so, is to force the camera to use the flash by turning the flash setting 'on'. This will help illuminate the subject and equalise the brightness behind.



Read Your Camera Manual!

No matter how long you've had your camera it's always worth dipping back into the manual and skimming through a section or two. It's amazing what you can pick-up on sometimes. Even the simplest point and shoot cameras these days have a range of semi-manual and manual settings that can enhance the results of your images and it's well worth finding out just what these functions can do for you.