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Christmas Tree Lights in Nailsea


It was great fun to be asked by the management of a local shopping centre to attend the switching on of their Christmas lights and provide them with a photographic record of the event where BBC Bristol Weathergirl Jemma Cooper switched on the lights.


Click here to see more of the images in the gallery at


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Photo Update As always, time is short and the opportunities to blog are few but thankfully I've been able to keep on shooting throughout everything else that's been going on.

Here are just a couple examples of the images I've been taking recently. I hope you enjoy them.

Lindsay Marie Bowen From the Models Gallery - Click Here to see more

Hannah Ellis who was after some pictures for her portfolio - Click Here to see more

Hannah Ellis

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What's Around The Corner? What Once when corresponding with Carol Deacon, Community Publisher of the local news website she advised me to 'always carry my camera'. Of course I don't always do that and have regretted it on many occasions because you never know what's around the next corner on even the most familiar routes.

On this occasion I had been to see an art 'installation' at a gallery down this side street in central Bristol. I was minding my own business  and on rounding this corner stopped dead as I thought I saw a child sitting cross legged in a doorway. It turned out to be a really realistic piece of 'street art'. Thankfully I had my camera with me and captured this as a memento. 


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As we spin ever more quickly through 2012 I cant help but think that I've had no time to get out there and add to my portfolio but when I look back over the pictures on my memory cards from the first half of this year I can see that isn't strictly true. 

Whether its from my dSLR or my Samsung Galaxy S2 there are numerous  pictures from my travels proving that I just don't stop for long enough to to really see what I'm putting into my camera.
Whether they're pictures from the rolling hills of North Somerset (above), contrasting images of old and new Warsaw (Poland) standing side by side (picture right), or the grainy excitement of the Red Bull Hill Chasers in Bristol (below) they're all there somewhere.  

Red Bull Hill Chasers 2012, Park Street, Bristol, UK

There are some pictures which have to be planned and some that just 'happen' and it's great to be able to capture them and be able to show them to you. 
These are images I've captured 'just for fun' but of course there is the serious side to my photography as well and its great to have been asked to be the official photographer for the new Rotary Club of 'Nailsea Miners' who have set about building there membership to a level where can become 
incorporated as a full Rotary Club.
Rebecca Howard paints Maporilla
Even though it's work it can be fun and taking pictures of 'Maporama' the Gorilla, who has become an honorary member of the 'Nailsea Miners', being painted by artist Rebecca Howard at the Stanfords Travel Bookshop in Bristol has been just one of the more fun assignments I've been on so far
I have plenty more planned in the coming weeks so I'll bet the next three months go by just as quickly as the first.
Wishing you all a great Easter and a happy holiday you're lucky enough to have one.




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10 REASONS TO HIRE A PHOTOGRAPHER AND NOT 'DO IT YOURSELF' Any one can take a picture - right? It's easy now everyone has a digital camera isn't it. You can just do it yourself or get a mate to do it -- yes!? Well actually no!

Think about it! You're holding an event, it could be a party, a ball, a charity 'do' or a school fete for instance. You've decided you want a set of photographs to remember the day by. This could be a set to hang on the wall, for future promotion, for give-aways or sale or just as a cherished keep sake. You spend the money you need to on the rest of the event so don't skimp on the photographs. The reasons why are simple and are both personal and technical and here are 10:

  1. You have some specific requirements about what you want captured, when and how. You and your mate are both involved in the event and you want to both keep the event on track and just have fun. The last thing you want to do is worry about taking the photographs and making sure you're in the right place an the right time.
  2. Are you detached? If you're a part of the event you can be too involved or personalities may get in the way. Hiring a photographer gives that detachment that allows the photographer to direct activities without clashing with 'Aunty Mable' or rekindling that feud with your cousin.
  3. You can a handle a camera huh! But can you really handle a camera? Can you tale your camera out of 'Auto' and tell it what you really want?
  4. You need to be able to freeze the action - like that! And be able to turn your subjects to the light if possible - just so!
  5. You need to be able to handle low light situations in places or situations where you can't use a flash such as churches. If you don't capture the image properly anybody moving is going to be blurred.
  6. Photographers don't just rock up and start to take pictures. They think, they plan and they visualise before they do. They know what is wanted, what the picture should look like and how to achieve it.
  7. Photographers spend hundreds if not thousands of hours practising and perfecting their art.
  8. Photographers can change settings on their camera to suit different situations without taking their eye from the viewfinder meaning they're almost always ready to shoot.
  9. Most photographers don't just take photos. They offer a full service. Not only will they ensure a full understanding of the shoot, they'll turn up on the day, retouch photos afterwards and deal with printing, placing in albums, posting on the internet and some will even facilitate event planning, printing of invitations and more.
  10. Photographers will bring the right equipment for the job. Sorry - but that point and shoot just won't do!

So whatever you do. Don't skimp on the photographer. At the end of the day all there will be are the memories. Make sure that those memories are as clean and as fresh and as professional as can be.

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BLOG ON THE MOVE - PLEASE UPDATE YOUR LINKS Since late 2010 the ‘ThoughtsAndThingsblog’ has brought you my musings on Photography, Life, the Universe and Everything and one of the things I’ve learned in that time is that for better or for worse nothing stays the same.

Evolution is always a part of life’s plan and when it comes to the online world you get evolution (and sometimes revolution) in spades. When I started the blog I couldn’t have guessed how my passion for photography would move quite so quickly into the professional world and how Twitter would bring me a whole host of good online and increasingly real life friends.

A few months ago I wrote how it wasn’t possible to keep-up with the likes of a blog, facebook, Twitter, websites, Google+, etc and how I would be reducing my online presence so I could keep a small presence alive and fresh rather than leave them to get stale and how I was aligning the blog more closely with this website.

Since then Zenfolio have created the ability to blog directly on the website so I have taken the decision to migrate the blog and the last few months postings here, so the blog will be fully integrated with this site rather being being a hop on from it. It’ll still carry an element of musings and photo blogs with useful information and links but the URL will be different. If you have a link to please change it to The old URL will continue to work for a while but the content wont be updated .. much.

If you’re on Google Friend Connect or Networked Blogs then I look forward to you connecting with this blog so you’re right up-to-date with the latest news.

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Thanks to the power of Twitter I found that the Red Bull Hill Chasers event was to be held in Bristol last Saturday. I thought it an excellent opportunity to photograph a night cycling event which was a double first as I had neither photographed a cycling event or a night time sports event before.

My pre-event banter with another local photographer was about which lenses to use and what ISO would be needed. In a naive fashion I said I'd go for 800 ISO and see what happened. I found I was completely unprepared for the sheer speed of the event and despite the lighting I found I was using 3200 ISO to get anywhere near freezing the action. Due to the crowd, I couldn't see the approaching cyclists, so I just had to setup the camera, use continual auto-focus with high-speed continuous shooting, hold the camera out past the crowd line and hit the button. Needless to say 80% of the shots were empty but as for the rest .. well see for yourselves ...

In a twitter discussion  with Maz Hawes from Light And Day Photography I mentioned I was worried about the graininess I'd see when I processed the photos. The response from Maz was 'Embrace The Grain And Go Mono'. You'll see that with some of the shots I've done just that, I hope you enjoy the look, for me it's very different and refreshing.

The full gallery is at

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PHOTOBLOG - BACK ON TRACK! I've been absent from the blogging scene .. again .. for a while. There always seems to be something else going on ... as you will have seen from the last couple of holding posts I've been working on redeveloping my photography website which is now pretty much complete.

That comes as a sigh of relief as it was starting to take over from the job it was supposed to do which is to act as a shop window for my photographs.

I haven't stopped taking photographs while I haven't been blogging, I just haven't had time to package them up and show them.

It's with great pleasure that I present to you the following which was a quick grab with my camera phone. I think it has great atmosphere demonstrates just what a lovely winters evening it was.

I look forward to getting back on track with the blog, the photographs and of course twitter #photochat .

Sweet Shot Day
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OPEN FOR BUSINESS - THANKYOU AND WELCOME! I've written over the last few weeks about how I've been working on reauthoring the website and I'm pleased to announce that it's pretty much there - HURRAH!

There will be one or two more tweaks to the galleries and content and there are few new features, events and  shoots in the pipeline but I'm pleased to announce that we're open for business.

My grateful thanks to those who have helped me along the way. During this process I've learned the value of asking for and taking on board independent  feedback, no matter how much you might disagree with it sometimes, and I hope you agree with me that the site is much better for it.

Please have a look around the site and see what's on offer.  I hope you'll take in the galleries and enjoy some of the images while you're there.

So ... to all who helped me - thank you! and to all my visitors past, present and future thank you and welcome!
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As fast as I make improvements to the layout of the Kevin Leighton Photography website my trusted band of advisers give me more to do.

I've read time and time again that it's the reader that should dictate the content, services, layout, etc offered by a website or blog but this is the first time I've managed to put the theory into action.

Every time I think I've got it about right I sit back, smile and say .. 'OK so what about that' to which the response is .. 'well you could do this and you should really do that' ... which in times past I would have found  annoying to say the least but now I'm taking it all on board, and if I say so myself, it's really starting to come together.

New images from the The George At Backwell Summer Garden Party have been uploaded, copy is in draft for my services page and I'm in contact with two bands about the possibility of doing some shoots with them.

It's all coming together .. more soon ..
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Refreshed Homepage Slideshow As the next step in refreshing this website I decided to really try to understand how the slideshow on the homepage works and is implemented. It's not a simple thing to get working properly but I got there in the end and I think the final result from the changes I made is much cleaner.

Gone is the awkward border that didn't dynamically change to adhere to the size of the images and image sizing is now understood and under control. There are new pictures in the slideshow and in time I'll be expanding the breadth of images available.

What's important is to show images that you enjoy seeing and are relevant so in the weeks to come I'll be asking you help to select those which you enjoy seeing the most and I'll add them into the slideshow with a link to the website of one of the participants.

More soon .....
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Site Under Reconstruction

I've been posting to my blog for over a year now and my website has been up and running for about 9 months.  What I've noticed in that time is that nothing stays the same. Life, the universe and everything continues to evolve around you and the internet and your visitors expectations are no different.

In the world of web design, content and blogging I think it's important to remember to step back, to take advice and make sure that your design and content is still relevant. You have to remember you're not just designing and writing for yourself. It's the visitors and readers .. your customers, or potential customers .. that you need to bear in mind so I've taken the decision to refresh my pro photography site, to make it simpler and easier to navigate and for you to find photo galleries relevant to your visit.

During this time content may appear or disappear and pages or information may randomly move so I hope you'll bear with me while this process takes place.

For now I believe I have the design I like but let me know what you think via Twittersend me an email or leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

Galleries have been temporarily removed and content needs to be refreshed but I'm getting there and I'll keep you up-to-date with progress.

I hope you're all having a great January. Back with you again soon.
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TIME ......... Skies Over Bristol

Sometimes time just seems to run away. I've been really excited with the idea of participating in the Twitter #photochat on the 14th being run by Darcy & Kent, started a new Blipfoto series, been taking pictures and blogging.. and then there's Christmas .. how will I fit it all in?


A new endeavour I've started on since my last photo blog entry is a 30+ Blipfoto endeavour. Partly inspired by an idea I had a couple of months ago about wanting to track 'a month in the life of' and partly inspired by my Twitter contact @leena_photo who has set out on a marathon 365 on her Facebook page (yes, a photo a day for a year)!

I hope you'll stop by and enjoy both our sites.

I wanted to share these colourful images with you - in my home city of Bristol this summer there was a street art festival called #seenoevil. Various street art took over the sides of many of the buildings in Nelson Street and gave them a once in a life-time makeover.

These are just a small example of what they managed to achieve. 

Sweet Shot Day
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TWITTER #photochat WEDS 14TH DEC

Two amazingly talented photographers, bloggers and Twitter contacts in the U.S. have been running 1 hour #photochat sessions in North America to bring together photographers of all standards to answer questions, give advice and swap ideas.


Darcy & Kent have agreed to run a session at a time that fits in with the U.K. & Europe so that a new audience can benefit for their expertise.

If you’re on Twitter (and if you’re not yet you ought to be) then we’d love you to join us at 9pm GMT (21:00 CET) on Weds 14th December to participate from this side of ‘the pond’ using the hashtag #photochat. 

For more information on how to participate Kent (@kw_daddio) has a great reference on his site at

Darcy (@my3boybarians ) says on her site at
Also, next week is the twitter photography #photochat. We’re trying something new this time! By request of our friends across the pond. (I love saying across the pond, as if it’s nearby. The internet does make the world seem more accessible.) Anyway – our friends in Europe are always sleeping during the usual #photochat time, so we’re having an afternoon in the US / evening in the UK and Europe time that will allow more people to attend. Several amazingly talented photographers from England, Ireland and Italy have said they’ll be there. Hope you will too!

Twitter: @kevleighton

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STORM CLOUDS, SUNRISE and SILHOUETTES Well it's a day later than I like to publish but sometimes other things just have to come first.

It never ceases to amaze me how people love to take pictures of the sun. Be that sunrise, sunsets or for me the sun shining through storm clouds and it amazes me even more the feedback photographers get from having taken them.

I certainly like taking the pictures, I think you can get some stunning effects with the sun in the right place even though you sometimes have to play with the exposures the point where your family has got bored and wandered off into the distance.

The joy of the modern camera phone is that it's possible to get very good shots without having to lug your dSLR around with you so I wanted to share a couple taken with my Pentax and a couple taken with my Samsung Galaxy S2.

These first two are taken in Cardiff Bay, Wales and are from the 'mobile' set on my Flickr site taken on my Samsung Galaxy S2.

For me the low sun on both of them gives the opportunity for some nice silhouettes. I liked the sun coming through the light fitment on the top of the lightship and on the other, I was keen to capture the silhouettes of the tree, church and cranes in the background. Neither of these shots used any special settings and were just taken 'point and shoot'.

This shot taken on Brighton Beach, Sussex one overcast and stormy afternoon was the last of a number of images I took in manual mode trying to get the balance between the contrast of the bright sun and dark clouds.

And finally ... this one has been around before and featured in my blog of 11th January based on around Clevedon.

I'd be really interested if anybody has any advice or guidance for me on taking this type of image I'd be really grateful for your feedback.
Sweet Shot Day
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So much has happened in such a short while I thought I'd start this week with a brief resume of events. My photo blog may have been quiet but looking back I seem to have been quite busy.

PEOPLE PAINT: Cheeky customers of all ages got colour drawings on their faces. Photo: Kevin Leighton Photography There have been photo shoots and events to capture, air-shows and a news article with my pictures. The Flickr app for Android made an appearance on my smart-phone which has led to some new work on the Kevin Leighton Photography Flickr site and I've been busy with my dSLR trying to shoot ever more awkward subjects in a manual mode.

When so much has been going on it's difficult to know what to concentrate on so I thought I'd just bring you some of my favourite images and just go with the flow. I hope you enjoy them.

Fence Friday - Wet & Grey In The Bay

Taken in Cardiff Bay, Wales. This was taken with the new Flickr app on my smartphone using the Tokyo filter and is one of a recent set of mobile phone images on my Flickr site.

I've been trying to capture seagulls in flight and have found it and extremely difficult task to get the exposure correct especially with the autumn skys being so changable depending on where you point your camera.

Hope your day goes like this!

And finally November 5th and the inevitable fireworks displays were another photographic challenge and is one I'll write about in another blog.

So what's up and coming? I'll be writing about some of the photographic challenges I've encountered over the last few weeks and asking for some advice.

 I've also been in touch with  Darcy from my3boybarians and Kent Weakley from who run very successful Twitter #photochat Q&A sessions in North America and they have agreed to run one for the UK & Europe hopefully in December. I hope to be able to confirm dates & times for the UK & Europe Twitter #photochat session shortly.

See you all again soon.

Sweet Shot Day
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INSPIRATION, MOTIVATION, LIFE, LIVING & LOVING My more recent blogs have veered away from photography and towards a discussion of different sources of motivation and inspiration and how people use different sources to help them to plan their futures, motivate themselves, become inspired, or just make it through to the next day.

Readers of my blog have placed their own interpretations on why I was writing on these topics and offered me messages of support, sent me links to further information and passed on their general good wishes all for which I'm very grateful.

My reason for sharing these thoughts with you over the last few months is simply because I've become more aware of them and have been in a position to see and hear messages both via Twitter and in presentations that previously I hadn't noticed or had the opportunity to receive which gave me more than just a passing interest in what was being said.

I've read much and learned plenty including how controversial some of the motivational, inspirational and life planning methods actually are, certainly not everybody has agreed with what I've written or discussed with them face-to-face. It's also fair to say that much of what I have read is very subjective as much of my reading about motivation, inspiration and life planning has left me; well ... uninspired!

So I want to finish up this series of blogs with a few sentences on what did get through to me and hope that you might find it useful. One thing I have noticed is that it's virtually impossible to apply these good messages to your life holistically but they can certainly be applied to certain situations.

So .. firstly I'd like to mention the presentation by Neil Holloway from Microsoft at the University of Reading. He gave a beautifully understated insight into life planning that I wrote about in my blog No Regrets . Follow the link back to the blog and you read all about it.

Secondly, I was sent a link to this image which made me smile and with which I agree wholeheartedly.

And finally I'd like to link you to the Energised Performance blog from Kim Ingleby. A lady who I've never met but would love to be able to share some time with at some point in the future. On the blog Kim links to a 'video' featuring insights from Steve Jobs the last few seconds of which I wrote down and pinned to my PC. I have applied the words it in a number of situations in my day job and I've found it to be truly helpful.

It reads ..

Your Time Is Limited
Dont Waste It By Living Someone Elses Life
Dont Be Trapped By Dogma Which is Living With The Results Of Other
Peoples Thinking
Don't Let The Noise Of Other Peoples Opinions Drown Out Your Own 
Inner Voice
And Most Important Have The Courage To Follow Your Heart And Intuition
They Somehow Already Know What You Truly Want To Become

Steve Jobs

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Some weeks ago, buoyed up with minutes of research under my belt and a recommendation from a friend I ditched my old phone and invested in a shiny new Android powered Samsung Galaxy S2. From there my relationship with my phone has been a happy one, I've very much enjoyed getting to know it and the Social Media apps I can run on it and we've had some fun times together. I'm typing this blog on the Google Blogger App and until now everything has been rosy in the garden.

So what's changed?

Afew weeks before I got my phone I joined Google + and at some point whilst exploring the Android Marketplace I happened upon the Google + App which I installed and almost forgot about along with Google +. Imagine my shock, when logging onto Google + with a purpose for the first time in weeks, to find a copy of every single photo I had taken and stored on my phone, probably since installing the app, also residing in Google +.

Don't get me wrong .. the photos themselves remained private to me and hadn't been shared but I feel really aggrieved that Google by default enabled an option which allowed the Google + app to upload copies of my photos without explicitly asking me.

There are two issues for me here, one of privacy and trust and one of my phones data plan.

Privacy and Trust
I guess it was probably in the Terms & Conditions somewhere to allow Google to do this and the images weren't displayed in my circles but nevertheless they are mine and I will decide where I upload them to be it for backup, storage or display. Organisations must be aware that not only are the words and images of the people who write and capture them their property but may also be deeply personal to the individual who may  not want them shared on any platform no matter how 'private' that platform may be.

Data Plan
Those who know my home city of Bristol will be very aware of the 60ish statues of Gorillas which adorned the city to celebrate the 175th anniversary of Bristol Zoo and it became the summer time challenge of many to visit as many of the Gorillas as possible and have your photo taken with them.

I had been struggling to work out how I was going through so much data on my data plan so imagine my shock when I found copies of dozens of hi-res photos from my Gorilla trail and other adventures on Google +.

It's No Suprise Then .... my view is that Google should NOT be enabling this function called 'Instant Upload' by default. Luckily it can be turned off by doing the following:

Start your Google + for Android App then perform Menu -> Settings and un-check  'Instant Upload'.
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In common with many parents at the moment I have been doing the rounds of the Universities to help my son short-list those he'd like to attend when it's time to go. I've been surprised by our reactions to some of the Universities which has ranged from 'just don't get it' to the 'wow factor'.

One such wow visit was to the University of Bath where, building on what had already been a good day, I went to the 'welcome talk', albeit that it was at the end of the day.

One of the presenters was Microsoft Vice President Neil Holloway . Now I'm no Microsoft fan and I envisaged a Microsoft skewed presentation on something or other but Neil presented a well reasoned and understated presentation on his thoughts about University life, life after University and life planning that really made me sit up and listen.

The phrase that really did it for me was 'have no regrets'. Neil qualified this in terms of how when making any decision you need to know your objective, weigh up the options and make a decision. What ever that decision is, whatever the outcome, don't regret it. I thought this was such a bold and brave or maybe even foolish statement to make. Initially I couldn't imagine not being able to make a decision without having regrets if the decision turned out to be the wrong one or didn't provide satisfactory results, but the more I thought about it the more I realised how much easier our decision making processes and lives would be if we didn't have the risk of regret behind our decisions.

I wonder if this state is really possible to achieve?

At this point, as is often the way when I write a piece like this I have taken a few days off from writing it whilst I process my thoughts in the background. I had a concern that what Neil had said in some way conflicted with 'relationships' or family life or whatever label you'd want to put on it.

In my view the answer to that question is 'no'.

The beauty of Neils point-of-view is that he talks about considering the options before a making a decision and having no regrets once you've made it. This is in pleasant contrast to those who talk about life planning as a roadmap to wealth and success but make no room for others and the considerations that must be factored in where relationships are involved.

To conclude, I'd like to thank Neil Holloway for his considered and inspiring talk but I wonder what your thoughts are on the matter. Do you have a life plan? Is it working? Do you have regrets from making decisions? Does it work for you?
]]> (Kevin Leighton Photography) Photography regrets life plan Neil Richards decision making Microsoft kevin leighton Wed, 28 Sep 2011 15:15:00 GMT